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KW600 geothermal well drill rig / water well drill rig
450m depth ∅168 - 350mm hole drilling

» This multifunctional drill rig,assembled a four-cylinder engine (China III), could drill geothermal well.
» Reliable and powerful hydraulic system gurantees its longer and trouble-free working time.
» The double-motor rotation increases the rotary torque and revolving speed.

Technical Specifications
Type / Model KW600
Rock range f=8-12
Hole diameter ∅168 - 350mm
Hole depth Max. 450m
Groundclearance 280mm
Gradeability 15°
DTH hammer K5,K6,K8
Air consumption 16 - 73 m³/min
Engine 113 kW
Rotary torque 8500 N⋅m
Rotary speed 76 - 123 rpm
Pull force 150 kN
Feed stroke 4500 mm
Drill method DTH hammer / mud
Drill rod ∅ 89×3m / ∅ 102×3m
Dimension 7300×2250×2750 mm
Weight 9500 kg

rig pengeboran sumur air / water well drill rig

Truck mounted type optional
Truck mounted reverse circulation drilling rig

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