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SMRHMT550 Mining / tunneling Roadheader
Roadheader for mining, tunneling (road, railroad, water, sewer)

Boom mining tunneling roadheader often for soft rock mining,such as potash, salt and coal excavation. Split Mountain roadheader SMRHMT550, is crawler-mounted electrically powered one. Equipped with powerful, geometrically optimized cutter heads, this boom mining tunneling roadheader continuously excavates roadways, tunnels and other underground caverns.Without using explosives. This header causes no harmful vibrations and are ideal for mining coal,potash,sale and other soft rock minerals.
» Compact design for high maneuverability
» Modular design allows for rapid assembly and disassembly
» Proportional load-sensing hydraulics for optimal energy utilization
» High specific cutting performance for unrivaled productivity.

Technical Specifications
Type / Model SMRHMT550
Weight 100000 kg
Dimension (L-W-H) 10900 x 4100 x 2880 mm
Cutting height (max) 5200 mm
Cutting height (min) 3900 mm
Cutting width (min/max) 6500 - 8000 mm
Cutter motor power 325 kW
Ground pressure 0.24 MPa
Loading capacity 350 m3/h
Max. tram speed 13 m/min
Installed power 550 kW

Other type optional
Transversal cutter head,loading spinners and chain conveying and haulage system.

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