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SMSLER10 Air slusher For mining
Air slusher for gold mining

Split Mountain air slushers, direct geared drive,equipped with radial piston Air Motors,ranges from 1.5 to 22 kW, 92 rpm to 1500 rpm.Piston motors are ideal for constantly varying loads such as winch and hoist applications,for long periods without damage or burn out. No heat build up or sparks make air slusher ideal for use in flammable or explosive applications,and a running air motor expands air, allowing motors to operate in temperatures up to 65ºC and some motors up to 149ºC with special grease, lube and seals, great for harsh environments.
» Ideally suited for applications where there is a lot of resistance and variability such as winch and high capacity hoist
» Compact and Portable: Get maximum horsepower in minimum size
» Variable speed: You may utilize a wide range of speeds by using a simple valve on your input air supply line
» Minimum maintenance: Our motors have a proven history of long, low maintenance life. All you need to provide is a clean, dry, lubricated air supply
» No shock starts: Air cushioned start-up cuts stress to your equipment.

Technical Specifications
Starting Torque lb.-ft. 13.2 - 450
Weight lb. 135 - 480 kg
Speed at Max. Power (rpm) 100 - 1078
Air Consumption at Max. Power (scfm) 97 - 680
Air Consumption at Max. Power (m^3/m) 2.7 - 19.3
Free Speed rpm 200 - 2140
Stall Torque Nm 25.5 - 814
Pull force 0.5 - 10 tons
Do not see what you need or want help with your selection: Contact us with your requirements. In many cases, we can provide "special" non-cataloged air slushers for unique applications.

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