Extremely safe, productive,reliable,and easy maintenance machines supplying
Offering highly versatile and compact electro-hydraulic rock bolters designed for rock reinforcement in underground mines with small and medium cross sections…

Split Mountain offers a wide range of narrow vein and small underground drill rigs matching very well narrow vein drifts,small tunnels projects,headrace and adit drilling.Our narrow vein drilling rigs are designed to extract ore economically and to control the dilution when ore is distributed in narrow veins typically less than 2 – 2.5m of width with dip less than 35 degrees,such as gold and chrome deposit.Split Mountain jumbo drill rigs allow high drilling performance with good drill steel economy and high machine reliability. They are compact with a layout designed for good visibility ensuring stable and safe manoeuvering in small mining drifts or construction tunnels.Narrow vein drill rigs supplied by Split Mountain included underground hard-rock development drill rigs,electro-hydraulic rock support drill rig,top hammer longhole dril optional.

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