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KQ311 mining / tunneling scaler Remote control available
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Split Mountain,KQ311,is a mechanized mining / tunneling scaler for underground mining drifts,tunnel headings,side-walls,working surface and base breaking and scaling,with long vertical and horizontal reach for safety.This mining scaler,with articulated steering and a turret mounted foldable / z type purge boom, provides unmatched maneuverability.

» Improved safety as well as productivity for mechanized scaling,
» Fast scaling off the muck pile while no injuries,
» Front mounted dozer blade,
» ROPS/FOPS safety cabin with 400 mm vertical lift and a 15 degree tilt to provide the operator with optimum visibility,
» World proven components,Service and maintenance is easy.

Technical Specifications
Hydraulic hammer / breaker Carrier
Type SOOSAN SB30 Cummins Engine 60kW,QSB3.9-C80-31
Impact energy Max. 380J Catalyser Yes
Impact frequency 550-950bpm Transmission Hydrostatic
Flow rate 25-40 l/min Steering angle ±35°
Working pressure 90 - 120 bar Oscillation ±6°
Boom Tires 11.00×20
Turret base swing ±30° Tramming brake Hydrostatic braking
Boom extension 1200 mm Tramming speed Max.16 km/h
Vertical reach Max.8300 mm Gradeability 14°
Horizontal reach Max.8800 mm Vertical cabin lift 400 mm
Overall Cabin tilt 15°
Weight 12000 kg Fuel tank 90L
Transport length 8800 mm Hydraulic jacks 2 sets Front
Transport width 1750 mm Water system
Transport height 2650 mm Pump Power 0.5 kW
Turning radius (Inner/Outter) R3150 / R5610 mm Flow rate 2 L/min
Side view

with soosan hammer / breaker
Scaling width
Scaling height
turning radius

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