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SMMTK30 underground mining truck 30 Tonne Payload Capacity
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Split Mountain underground mining trucks are all designed to operate fully loaded and at high speeds on long spiral haulage ways with up to 20% gradients.
• ISO ROPS and FOPS certified canopy with back protection
• SAHR brake system with durable components for reliabilityand cost efficiency
• Rear camera and monitor for driver assistance andincreased safety
• Box up stand and articulation lock for safe work on the machine Comfort
• Ergonomically designed operators compartment with focus on safety and reduced operator fatigue
• Underground haulages available in both forward seated and side seated configuration to suit your needs
• Engine compression brake to reduce braking heat and extend brake longevity
• Electric transmission shift control for convenient shifting
• Converter lockup for more efficient energy transfer, less heat and longer component life
• Durable articulated hinge that adjusts automatically with heavy-duty, tapered roller bearings to absorb stress
• High-intensity LED lights for great visibility and long life Productivity
• Articulated steering results in great manuoverability
• Proven power train components for reliable productivity,low running cost and a longer life Serviceability
• Filters and service points are easy to reach
• Centralized manual lubrication for easier maintenance

Drawing views of 30 tons underground mining truck

30 tons underground dump truck working views

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