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Rock drills,hydraulic drifters,reliable, accurate, and productive

Split Mountain rock drills, hydraulic drifters, designed and engineered focused on productivity, reliability, safety, and sraight holes drilling.Optimizing hydraulic dampening and progressive blow energy with in-depth knowledge of shock wave transmission and percussion mechanism theory,our rock drills,have high input/output efficiency ratio, for reduced and optimized energy consumption, and proactive hydraulic dampener, improving shanks and bits life span.Strong and economical high torquerotation system allowing large reaming holes drilling. Standard configuration with hydraulic reverse percussion, allowing long hole drilling applications.Compatible with all standard diameters for bolting and face drilling.
• Standard configuration with stainless steel front end
• High-capacity HP nitrogen accumulator granting high and constant impact energy
• Energy recovery system boosting impact rate for better penetration results
• Less parts for handy maintenance, long maintenance intervals

Technical Specifications
Hydraulic Drifter/Rock Drill SMRD51 SMRD38B
Percussion power 20 kW 16 kW
Percussion pressure Max. 130 bar Max. 110 bar
Percussion rate 50Hz 50Hz
Rotation torque 1100 Nm 750 Nm
Hole size ∅65 - 125 mm ∅32 - 76 mm

Reliable and safe rock drill hydraulic drifter views

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