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KSQ31 ITH in-the-hole longhole drill rig Wheel Type available
ITH in the hole longhole drill rig

KSQ31 is a highly versatile and compact ITH in-the-hole longhole ring drill rig,designed for underground mining in 3.2 x 3.2 m medium or larger sized production drifts.This long-hole drilling rig is capable of drilling vertical,inclined fans,single and / or parallel ∅89-216 mm holes up to 100 meters in length using 3”to 8”ITH hammers,and 76 - 127 mm drill pipes in mechanized and automated underground mining operations.(For mechanized reaming slot raises,please contact us.)

Quick facts
» Hole diameter: 89-216 mm, Hole depth: 80 - 100 m (Hole diamete more than 150 mm , and / or hole depth more than 100m,please contact us),
» Cross sectional area: 4900 x 7900mm(parallel hole width 3050mm,360 degrees ring drilling),
» Engine power: 53kw/2200rpm Deutz,
» Motor power:55 kw ABB.

- This drill is designed for high mobility in underground mines with ramp / raise access,
- It can be used to drill from 3 5/8″(92 mm) to 6″(150 mm) diameter holes to a depth greater than 330’(100 m) down hole. Others like for rapid raising acceptable,
- Safe roof, ROPS and FOPS cabin or canopy optional,
- Self-contained / on-board booster /compressor optional,
- Remote control optional.

Technical Specifications(Against ITH in-the-hole longhole drill rig blasting hole depth 30m with hole diameter 90-150mm)

Top Drive Drilling Control System
Type SMDTHH6000Anti-jamming control Yes
Working pressure Up to 210 bar(rotation) Rotation control Adjustable/Reversible
Torque Max. 5800 Nm Flushing control Air flow and pressure
Rotation speed 0- 60 rpm Percussion control Adjustable power
Weight 340 kg Control panel Grouped onboard panel
Length with saver sub 760 mm Carrier
Position System Type of carrier Tracked carrier
Rotary Acurator 360° ring drilling Tracks triple grouser, sealed and lubricated
Sliding table 1.5 m feed parallel positioning Width 305 mm / 12 in
Pendulum arm 1.5 m feed parallel positioning in the side walls. Engine - Deutz BF4L2011 53kW
1.5 m feed parallel positioning upwards/downwards Transmission Hydrodynamic Double-speed motor
Feed dump +20 Degrees forward Tramming speed Max.2.5 km/h
Feed drilling -65 Degrees backward High gear Max.2.5 km/h
Drill pipe 4' pipe Low gear 1.2 km/h
Hydraulic System Stinger 4 extendable
Powerpack 1 x 45 kW Oscillation angles +/- 6°
Percussion pump 100 cc (variable) Gradeability / sideways tilt Max. 25° / 5°
Rotation pump 55 cc (gear) Ground clearance 355 mm
Filtration 10 µ Centralized greasing points 10 ports
Oil tank volume 270 liters Air and water System
Cooler for hydraulic oil Oil-to-air 1 x 45 kW Flushing By air
Electric System Air capacity 20 m3/min
Standard voltages 380 -690 V(± 10%), 50 or 60 Hz Air pressure 2.5 Mpa / 25 bar
Total installed power 60 kW Water booster pump 30 l/min at 45 bar
Batteries(Chargeable) 2 x 12 V, 80 Ah Hammer lubrication system DTHHLu60 with oil level sensor
Cable Reel 80m-100m Overall with 4' pipes,others depending on options.
Cable reel lubrication Manual Weight 10000 kg
Cable reel mud clean Manual Transport / bolting length 6165 mm / 5530 mm
Front lights 6 x 50W LED (4200 lm, 6000 K) Tramming / bolting width 2370 mm
Rear lights 4 x 50W LED (4200 lm, 6000 K) Tramming / drilling height 2550 mm / 2720 mm
Percussion hour meters Optional Turning width(T-section) 2800 mm
Operator remote control Optional Turning radius(Inner/Outter) R2890 / R5440 mm
Below dimensions in mm.

Tailor-made specifications accepted.

long-hole drilling rig

reaming raises optional
Wheel type available

in-the-hole drilling rig

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