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low grade / waste heat recovery to electricity…

Screw expander generators
Screw expander generator for low pressure steam or saturated steam recovery to eletricity

Split Mountain screw expander generators,simple installation,designed mainly for low pressure steam, and saturated steam recovery to electricity,which could be difficult for traditonal steam turbines,for their blades are distinctly subjected to water droplet erosion (WDE) caused by high energy impingement of liquid water droplets under high speed rotation.Low grade heat usually corresponding to last couple of stages of tradtional steam turbine,which are the most vulnerable to WDE. Against reverse rotation of screw airends / rotors outputs shaft power,with our years of screw airends manufacturing,we engineer screw expander generators,no WDE worrying,with high relibility,performance,and costs economy for customers low pressure steam recovery.

-Steel mill low pressure steam recovery
-Geothermal well
-Small steam flow rate recovery in process etc.
Please note: There's no stock type,all will be manufactured according to customers' specifications.

Low pressure steam recovery in steel mill

screw expander generators less construction requirements

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