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KS311 top hammer longhole drill rig

KS311 is an electro-hydraulic top hammer longhole drill rig,engineered for production and long-hole drilling in underground mines,supplying fast and accurate straight hole drilling with guide device. This versatile top hammer longhole drill rig,mounted on frame-steered and diesel powered carriers and equipped with Montabert rock drills HC95LQW,HC110,HC112,HC150,or HC200, powerful & accurate drilling modules,sturdy longhole booms and FOPS/ROPS certified operator stations for maximum performance, safety, reliability and total drilling economy.The 360°feed rotation and wide swing/tilt angles make this top hammer longhole drill rig suitable for most mining methods and various drilling applications,like vertical and inclined plane rings and fans, as well as parallel long production holes and long single holes with a diameter of 64 to 102 millimeters (2 ½ to 4 inches) and a depth of up to 40 meters (131 feet),improving safety and lowering your operating costs.
Also this top hammer longhole drill rig offers a good performance-to-cost ratio for 4x4-meter to 5x5-meter or larger production drifts.

Quick facts
» 360-degree ring drilling with Parallel Holes Upwards/downwards up to 3066 mm apart,
» Hole diameter: 64-152 mm with Montabert HC95LQW,HC110,HC112,HC150 or HC200 Rock Drill/Drifter,
» Hole depth: rated up to 38 m, longer ones, like 44m optional,
» Engine power: 93kw/2200rpm Cummins QSB3.9-C125,
» Motor power:75-90 kw ABB.

- Vertical and inclined plane rings and fans drilling,
- Also for parallel long production holes,
- As well as for long single holes,
- 360 rotation in full parallel coverage area and wide tilt angle ranges forward and backwards make the boom suitable to various drilling applications,
- Operator's safety,FOPS-approved protective roof,panel mounted under canopy,an ergonomic working environment.Cabin optional,
- Front and Rear Mounted Stingers For Stable Set Up For Drilling,
- Excel for hard rock drilling and in tough working conditions.

Technical Specifications( Against HC112 drifter)
Hydraulic Drifter/Rock Drill Control System
Type HC112Anti-jamming control Yes
Percussion power 26-30kW Rotation control Adjustable/Reversible
Percussion pressure Max. 210 bar Flushing control Water flow and pressure
Percussion rate Max. 46Hz Percussion control Adjustable power
Rotation torque Max. 1680Nm Voltage 24V
Hole size ∅76 mm ∅89 -127 mm Carrier
Shank adapter T45 M T51 M,T60 M Type of carrier Frame-steered
Drill unit Carrier articulation ± 40°
Rod carousel capacity 24 pcs Rear axle oscillation ± 10°
Feed /Pull Force 31 kN Engine - Cummins 93 kW,QSB3.9- C125
Feed extension 1200 mm Transmission Hydrodynamic DT20000
Feed dump +20 Degrees forward Front / Rear Axles DANA 123 / 112
Feed drilling -65 Degrees backward Tires 12.00-20
Drill Rod 4'-6' Rods Service brakes Hydraulic wet disc
Hydraulic System Parking and emergency brakes SAHR fail safewet disc
Powerpack 1 x 90 kW Tramming speed Max.16 km/h
Oil tank filling pump Electric Gradeability / sideways tilt Max. 15° / 5°
Low oil level indication Low oil level switch Ground clearance 320 mm
Filtration 20 µ/10 µ Centralized greasing points 10 ports
Oil tank volume 270 liters Air And Water System
Cooler for hydraulic oil Oil-to-water 1 x 45 kW Flushing By water
Electric System Water pump capacity 375 l/min
Standard voltages 380 - 690 V (± 10%), 50 or 60 Hz Rock drill oil consumption 180 - 250 g/h
Total installed power 119 kW Rock drill air consumption 300 l/min
Batteries(Chargeable) 2 x 12 V, 80 Ah Air compressor 1 m³/min (7 bar)
Cable Reel 80m-100m Overall with rods 1525mm,others depending on options.
Cable reel lubrication Manual Weight 22000 kg
Cable reel mud clean Manual Transport / bolting length 9669 mm / 8500 mm
Front lights 6 x 50W LED (4200 lm, 6000 K) Tramming / bolting width 2200 mm / 3300 mm
Rear lights 4 x 50W LED (4200 lm, 6000 K) Tramming / drilling height 3253 mm / 3591 mm
Percussion hour meters Optional Turning width(T-section) 3400 mm
Operator remote control Optional Turning radius(Inner/Outter) R2890 / R5440 mm
Below dimensions in mm,and against drilling rods length 1525mm..

Tailor-made specifications,like cabin with air conditioner and joy sticks on seat sides, accepted.

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