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KM211 rock support bolter
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KM211 rock bolter,is a compact and highly versatile electro-hydraulic rock support drill rig,diesel tramming and electric drilling,compact carrier,efficient and durable rock bolt integrity making it the versatile rock support drill rig which can be used for both rehabilitation rock reinforcement and roof reinforcement in production areas or in underground mines or tunnels with small and medium cross sections.

» Designed for underground hard-rock mines, offers a good performance-to-cost ratio for 2.7x2.7-meter drifts, gives you tools to increase your productivity, improve safety and lower your operating costs with reliability,
» Past cross sections as small as to 2.5*1.7 m(W*H)
» Easy to Drill and Bolt Vertical,inclined 2.2m depth Bolting holes at 2.8m height roof
» Install several rows of 1.5–3-meter (5–10ft) rockbolts from a single set-up
» Length of bolts 5',6',7',8'and 10' (Type of split set, resin & cement cartridge rebar, Swellex, Hydrabolt .)
» Well-proven bolting head with reliable parts
» The rock bolting process is completely mechanized and controlled by a single operator from under a ROPS/FOPS safety cabin or FOPS safety canopy
» Produtivity up to 7000 bolts/month

Technical Specifications
Hydraulic Drifter/Rock Drill Control System
Type HC50(Drilling)HC50(Bolting)Anti-jamming control Yes
Percussion power 13kW Rotation control Adjustable/Reversible
Percussion pressure Max. 150 bar Flushing control Water flow and pressure
Percussion rate 62Hz Percussion control Adjustable power
Rotation torque 330 Nm Voltage 24V
Hole size (bolting) ∅ 32 - 51 mm Carrier
Shank adapter 45 mm / R32 male Type of carrier Frame-steered
Bolting Head Carrier articulation ± 35°
Bolt carousel capacity 8 rock bolts with 150 x 150 mm Max. plate size Rear axle oscillation ± 10°
Deutz engine BF4L914 73 kW,air cooled Tier 3
Bolt head length Max. 4150 mm Transmission Hydrodynamic DT20000
Bolting Boom Front / Rear Axles DANA 123
Boom extension 1200 mm Tires 12.00-20
Roll-over angle 360° Rotaty Actuator Service brakes Hydraulic wet disc
Hydraulic System Parking and emergency brakes SAHR fail safewet disc
Powerpack 1 x 55 kW Tramming speed Max.16 km/h
Percussion pump 100 cc (variable) Gradeability / sideways tilt Max. 15° / 5°
Rotation pump 45 cc (gear) Ground clearance 320 mm
Filtration 10 µ Centralized greasing points 10 ports
Oil tank volume 200 liters Air And Water System
Cooler for hydraulic oil Oil-to-water 1 x 30 kW Flushing By water
Electric System Water pump capacity 50 l/min
Standard voltages 380 - 690 V (± 10%), 50 or 60 Hz Rock drill oil consumption 100 - 200 g/h
Total installed power 70 kW Rock drill air consumption 150 - 250 l/min
Batteries(Chargeable) 2 x 12 V, 80 Ah Air compressor 1 m³/min (7 bar)
Cable Reel 80m-100m Overall with bolts 1.5m,others depending on options.
Cable reel lubrication Manual Weight 15000 kg
Cable reel mud clean Manual Transport / bolting length 10500 mm / 9900 mm
Front lights 6 x 50W LED (4200 lm, 6000 K) Tramming / bolting width 2000 mm / 3300 mm
Rear lights 4 x 50W LED (4200 lm, 6000 K) Tramming / bolting height 1650 mm / 2600 mm
Percussion hour meters Optional Turning width(T-section) 3400 mm
Operator remote control Optional Turning radius(Inner/Outter) R3250 / R6600 mm
Below dimensions in mm,and against bolting rods length 1500mm.Optimum operating coverage about 6.6*2.5m at height 4.5-5.5m.

rock support drill rig
Do not see what you need or want help with your selection: Contact us with your requirements. In many cases, we can provide "special" bolting rigs for unique rock support or roof support applications.

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