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SMJR338 electro-hydraulic tunneling jumbo tuneleros

three boom electro hydraulic jumbo for fast and accurate drilling in tunneling and cavern excavation.

Quick Facts
» Drifter / rock drill: HC95LM, 21 kW,
» Feed 360-degree rollover and ±45° Swing,ideal for cross cutting and bolting,
» Hole diameter: 64 - 127 mm with HC95LM Rock Drill/Drifter,
» Coverage: 60 - 178 m2,
» Engine power: 180 kW/2200rpm Deutz,
» Motor power:75 kw ABB*3.

- heavy-duty boom with double tripod suspension for accurate hydraulic parallel holding in all directions,
- heavy-duty aluminium feed with high bending and torsional resistance for maximum durability,
- FOPS/ROPS-certified cabin/canopy offers increased safety for operators,
- Troubleshooting, fault finding and maintenance made easy,
- Spare part commonality across product family.

Technical Specifications
Hydraulic Drifter/Rock Drill Control System
Type HC95LM x3 Anti-jamming control Yes
Percussion power 21kW Rotation control Adjustable/Reversible
Percussion pressure Max. 200 bar Flushing control Water flow and pressure
Percussion rate 54 - 62 Hz Percussion control Adjustable power
Rotation torque 764 Nm Voltage 24V
Hole size (bolting) ∅64 - 127mm Carrier
Shank adapter T45 / T38 male Type of carrier Frame-steered
Boom Carrier articulation ± 40°
Parallel holding Complete Rear axle oscillation ±10°
Lifting angle Up55°,down 40° Deutz TCD6.1L06 180 kW
Swing left 35°,right 35° Transmission Hydrodynamic Dana 32000LD
Extension 2500 mm Front / Rear Axles DANA 114
Feed extension 1600 mm Tires 14.00-24
Feed roll-over angle 360° Rotaty Actuator Service brakes Hydraulic wet disc
Hydraulic System Parking and emergency brakes SAHR fail safewet disc
Powerpack 3 x 75 kW + 1x 35 kW Tramming speed Max.15 km/h
Percussion pump 160 cc (variable) Gradeability / sideways tilt Max. 15° / 5°
Rotation pump 180 cc (gear) Ground clearance 430 mm
Filtration 10 µ Centralized greasing points 10 ports
Oil tank volume 490 liters Air And Water System
Cooler for hydraulic oil Oil-to-water 4 x 45 kW Flushing By water
Electric System Water pump capacity 215 l/min
Standard voltages 380 - 690 V (± 10%), 50 or 60 Hz Rock drill oil consumption 180 - 250 g/h
Total installed power 270 kW Rock drill air consumption 360 l/min
Batteries(Chargeable) 2 x 12 V, 120 Ah Air compressor 1.55 m³/min (7 bar)
Cable Reel 80m-100m Overall with steels 20', others depending on options.
Cable reel lubrication Manual Weight 46900 kg
Cable reel mud clean Manual Transport length 17880 mm
Front lights 6 x 50W LED (4200 lm, 6000 K) Tramming / drilling width 3000 mm / 3860 mm
Rear lights 4 x 50W LED (4200 lm, 6000 K) Tramming / drilling height 3600 mm / 4900 mm
Percussion hour meters Optional Turning width(T-section) 4500 mm
Operator remote control Optional Turning radius(Inner/Outter) R6300 / R11900 mm

Optimum operating coverage about 160 m2 with rods / steels 20'.
Tailor-made specifications accepted.

In addition to face drilling the unit can also be used for cross-cutting and bolt hole drilling.

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