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KJ313 Telescopic Feed Development / Production Jumbo drill rig

multipurpose arm and telescopic beam give this high performance drill a versatility never seen before

KJ313 is a top mounted telescopic feed, single boom development / production jumbo drill rig, with good covering ability,nearly no left areas for second drilling.This jumbo drill's telescopic feeds are lightweight,durable and cost effective, featuring aluminum drill cradles, lasting components,as well as drill-specific steel drill mounts(to prevent wear to the aluminum cradles),increasing your uptime and reducing your operating costs. Auto return are mounted to the drill cradles to allow for various drill depth settings corresponding to a variety of collapsible configurations for drill rods including 6 ft – 10 ft, 8 ft – 12 ft, 10 ft – 14 ft, increasing productivity with improving drifter accuracy,performance and reliability.
This telescopic feed production jumbo drill rig customizable with several different options including hydraulic centralizer and heavy-duty feed cylinder for probe drilling.
Quick Facts
» Drifter / rock drill: HC109 18.8 kW, HC95LM 21kW optional,
» Stinger Assembly helps stabilize the drill steel when drilling,
» Feed 360-degree rollover and ±135° Swing,ideal for cross cutting and bolting,
» Bulkhead is designed to eliminate the requirement to replace full length hydraulic hoses if damaged,
» Hose Drum Assembly incorporate grooves to help maintain hose alignment,
» Footer Adapter is fastened to the bottom of the feed rail to eliminate wear to the feed beam and Boom Cradles are used to mount to Jumbo Boom Tables,
» Hole diameter: 45-102 mm with HC109 Rock Drill/Drifter,
» Coverage: 12-50 m2,
» Engine power: 62kw/2200rpm Deutz,
» Motor power:55 kw ABB.

- Drills both support and face advance, optimizing the mining cycle,
- Short telescopic feed ensure access to confined areas,
- FOPS/ROPS-certified cabin/canopy offers increased safety for operators,
- Troubleshooting, fault finding and maintenance made easy,
- Spare part commonality across product family.

Technical Specifications
Hydraulic Drifter/Rock Drill Control System
Type HC109Anti-jamming control Yes
Percussion power 18.8kW Rotation control Adjustable/Reversible
Percussion pressure Max. 135 bar Flushing control Water flow and pressure
Percussion rate 47Hz Percussion control Adjustable power
Rotation torque 780 Nm Voltage 24V
Hole size (bolting) ∅42-102 mm Carrier
Shank adapter T45 / R38 male Type of carrier Frame-steered
Boom Carrier articulation ± 35°
Parallel holding Complete Rear axle oscillation ± 6°
Lifting angle Up55°,down 16° Deutz engine F5L912W 62 kW
Swing left 35°,right 35° Transmission Hydrodynamic DT20000
Extension 1450 mm Front / Rear Axles DANA 123
Feed extension 1250 mm Tires 11.00-20
Feed roll-over angle 360° Rotaty Actuator Service brakes Hydraulic wet disc
Hydraulic System Parking and emergency brakes SAHR fail safewet disc
Powerpack 1 x 55 kW Tramming speed Max.16 km/h
Percussion pump 100 cc (variable) Gradeability / sideways tilt Max. 15° / 5°
Rotation pump 45 cc (gear) Ground clearance 320 mm
Filtration 10 µ Centralized greasing points 10 ports
Oil tank volume 200 liters Air And Water System
Cooler for hydraulic oil Oil-to-water 1 x 30 kW Flushing By water
Electric System Water pump capacity 50 l/min
Standard voltages 380-690V(±10%),50/60Hz Rock drill oil consumption 180 - 250 g/h
Total installed power 70 kW Rock drill air consumption 300 l/min
Batteries(Chargeable) 2 x 12 V, 80 Ah Air compressor 0.5 m³/min (7 bar)
Cable Reel 80m-100m Overall with steels 3.7m,others depending on options.
Cable reel lubrication Manual Weight 12000 kg
Cable reel mud clean Manual Transport length 11400 mm
Front lights 6 x 50W LED (4200 lm, 6000 K) Tramming / drilling width 1750 mm / 2788 mm
Rear lights 4 x 50W LED (4200 lm, 6000 K) Tramming / drilling height 2000 mm / 3000 mm
Percussion hour meters Optional Turning width(T-section) 3450 mm
Operator remote control Optional Turning radius(Inner/Outter) R3250 / R5600 mm
Below dimensions in mm,and against drilling steels/ rods length 3700mm.Optimum operating coverage about 40 m2.

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